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Ashley Donnelly 

Ashley began dancing at the age of two and never stopped. With a competitive background in all styles of dance Ashley took a special interest in acrobatics and musical theatre. 


At the age of fifteen Ashley started circus to learn aerial acrobatics to further her learning and decided to specialize on aerial hoop. After five years for circus Ashley knew that her true passion was with dance and returned her focus back to dance. 


Ashley has been teaching since the age of 16 and has since been certified with Acrobatics Arts modules 1, 2, and aerials and back handsprings. TADA hand balancing modules 1 & 2. The International dance teaching standards (IDTS) module 1. And is a Certified Acro Dance Adjudicator from the Acro Dance Teachers Association. She is also currently working to get her IDTS module 2 and her Acro Dance Teachers Association certification in their Kinder Acro, Junior Acro, Intermediate Acro, And Advanced Acro Syllabus. 

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