Dance Attire

These guidelines provide for more ease of movement ensuring our dancers aren't held back in their executions, as well as helping the teacher to see what to correct in body alignment and technique. We encourage labeling at least a first name on dance attire & water bottles in hopes there are less lost items. We have a 'Lost Box' so if you missing anything, please inquire.


Creative Movement:

Parents please dress children in non-restrictive, stretchy clothing & the kids just need their bare feet! Hair up/out of face is best if possible please. 


  •  Hair: Tight bun that won't move

  •  Feet: Full sole, leather, pink ballet shoes (look nude-coloured, not bubblegum pink)

  •  Attire: Body suit of choice and tights (for littles in the Jr. 4-6 class, skirts/tutus are welcome!) Examples: Mondor 345 Nylon Tights (ballerina pink E6) -Bloch Ballet 205G Shoe -Bloch 205L Ballet Shoe Womens ***These are suggestions from the Abbotsford dance store "Jazz-A-Ma-Tazz" - you can find equivalents at other stores (ie - The Dance Box in Langey/Coquitlam) 

Jazz / Musical Theatre:

  •  Hair: Bun or ponytail

  •  Feet: Black slip on jazz shoes (no laces)

  •  Attire: Yoga-like dance wear that does not restrict movement (ie - leggings and tank tops) -Bloch Jazz Shoe S0499G Elastabootie

Hip-Hop / Street Styles:

  • Hair: Any style away from face

  • Feet: Black soled runners for indoor use only. (our floors are black, and white soles will scuff)

  • Attire: Any comfy clothing (no jeans please as they restrict movement)


Lyrical / Contemporary:

  • Hair: Bun or ponytail

  • Feet: Bare feet

  • Attire: Any dance wear / clothing that does not restrict movement