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5678 Dance Centre COVID-19 Safety Plan

This plan is in place to allow 5678 Dance Centre to operate safely during the current COVID-19 pandemic by:

  • Implementing measures to minimize the risk of infection to instructors and others present at 5678 Dance Centre classes.

  • Maintaining high levels of sanitation and personal hygiene.

  • Ensuring compliance with all public health agency guidelines.



  • If an instructor is experiencing any of the following symptoms: fever, chills, cough, shortness of breath, sore throat & painful swallowing, stuffy or runny nose, loss of sense of smell, headache, muscle aches, fatigue or loss of appetite they cannot teach class.

  • If an instructor, or anyone they are living with is either sick, self-isolating, or quarantined they cannot teach class.

  • Will regulate and oversee proper social distancing protocols between students at all times.

  • Will regulate use of PPE as required by health agency guidelines.


  • Please bring a pre-filled water bottle as you will not be allowed to fill at the sink.

  • Maintain social distance at all times.

  • Follow the direction of the instructor.

  • Wear appropriate PPE if required.


  • Maximum class sizes have been reduced to allow proper social distancing while dancing.

  • There will no high fives, hugs or other personal contact during classes. 



  • Frequent and regular cleaning and disinfection of surfaces, equipment, door knobs, sinks, handles, light switches and other touch points with products approved by Health Canada.

  • Music will be played at an appropriate decibel that allows for communication without shouting.

5. PPE

  • Masks are mandatory for all 12+ persons entering the studio unless there is a medical exemption. Masks can be removed once in the dance room.


5678 Dance Centre will post a copy of this plan on its website and in the studio in a visible area.

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